Our horses: Buttercup, Espejo, Molly, Mouse, Patsy, Penny, Rosie, Tess and Tony.

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Our Donkeys: Donk, Girley, Darla, Dot and Dolly

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Stories of Abuse Cured by Love

Bonita, Donk and  Buttercup.

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About Us

Richardson Equine Rescue in Van Horn, TX  is a small rescue/shelter that provides an individual safe haven and care to rescued horses including horses saved from slaughter.

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We Need Your Help….

It takes people and money to care for the horses. We need volunteers and donations to keep things repaired, provide feed for the horses, farrier and veterinarian care and to rescue more horses from the auctions. New rescue horses need bail, transportation  and immediate vet care.

Call us to help:  484-529-8038 (cell)

PART OF THE 33,000

Our horses are part of the 33,000 horses in America that are cared for in rescues. Each year approximately 150,000 horses, donkey and mules are sent to slaughter in Mexico and Canada.  They are hauled in cramped trailers, without food or water to kill plants where they are off loaded and marched to their death.

We make a difference in the lives of the horses that live here.  They are well fed, socialized, receive medical and farrier care and they are loved.

We are advocates for adoption of horses, donkeys and mules as pets and as ranch or working animals.

We support finding homes or rescues that will take unwanted animals and not send them to the auction where kill buyers bid on them and win, only to sell them to the slaughter plants.

We also support gelding programs, to reduce the number of unwanted horses, donkeys and mules.

Ask about our PTSD and children’s programs.

Richardson Equine Rescue Inc., appreciates:

  • The ASPCA for all of their help through the awards of  2015 and 2016 training grants.
  • Purina for their donation of feed in 2015.
  • Binkey Foundation for the grant that enabled us to obtain a horse trailer.
  • All of our donors who support us every day with their donations that pay for feed and medical needs.
  • Thank you!

Next Steps…Please help.

Want to send a check?

Please send to:

Richardson Equine Rescue Inc.

PO Box 1028

Van Horn, TX 79855

Thank you!

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