A Good Horse Adoption

As a horse rescue, we never know when we place a horse with a new owner if it is the right match or right owner. All the preliminary home visits and plans for the horse with the new owner are not always what we hope for. So, we like to do a follow up visit about 6 months after placement to see how the horse is doing and to reaffirm our relationship with the new owner. Six months ago we place a colt named Rico. The match between the colt and the new owner seemed perfect. So last week we stopped by to see how he was doing. The first thing we noticed is how much he had grown and how good looking he was. His body was filling out and his muscles were showing some nice definition. As my husband, Dave, walked up to him to see if he would remember him, there was a little apprehension from the colt. But slowly I could see him soften as the scent from Dave's hand brought back memories. Before long, Rico was enjoying Dave's attention. We spoke to the new owner and learned how he has been working with the colt and that Rico had finished all his training and in June would be put under saddle. In June Rico would be 2 years old. The owner's plan for him is to make him a ranch horse. We will be checking back on him this summer to see how he is doing. I expect to see good things between the new owner and Rico. It is heartwarming when a horse adoption works out and it is a good match. This is what makes what we do so rewarding. Richardson Equine Rescue Inc.

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