Bonita’s story is one of sadness.

Her owner no longer had time for her and boarded her in a neighboring town. Days turned into weeks then weeks into months all the time, Bonita was left by herself. No one took time to make sure she had food or clean water. One day, her owner went to check on her after not seeing her for weeks. Bonita had not eaten in a long time, she was thin and weak. Bonita had become a shell of what she used to be.

We were asked to take her in and help her. With us Bonita, has people who love her, plenty to eat, clean water, medical care and a clean home.

Bonita has a long way to go before she will run again. She wants to get better, has a wonderful spirit and has started to ‘care’ again.

After 1 month, Bonita’s appetite is good and she is gaining weight. She nickers when we come close and loves to get treats.

Bonita continued to recover for nine months. She lived her dream to run with the herd and be accepted by the other horses.

Donk a Crooked Leg Donkeydonkey

We found a little white donkey in a pen of horses bound for the auction. The owner told us he was hurt in donkey roping. His front leg looks to have been broken and healed crooked. We had the vet look at it and unfortunately nothing can be done for him. He seems happy and not in pain. We are his “forever home”.

Buttercup Left in an Abandoned Lot  20160923_185302

Buttercup is a sanctuary horse.  She has arthritis in her feet and can no longer be a barrel horse, cutting horse or go for long rides.

One of her prior owners kept her in a city pen and slowly starved her.  When she was saved, she was purchased to be a barrel racer.  She quickly went lame and her owner wanted to “get rid” of her.

Buttercup came here as a sanctuary horse.  Not knowing what she would be good for, we just let her adjust to her new environment. We knew she could not carry any weight, but she was a great riding horse. We decided to  try her with small children (under 70 pounds).  WOW!  She excelled! The kids had a great time and she was so proud carrying them around the pasture.

Buttercup is now available for parents to have their small children enjoy riding.