Help With Hard Times

Richardson Equine Rescue is seeing a big demand for sanctuary services. People fall on hard times and their horses suffer. Keeping the horses from the auction pipeline is one way we help. We can make barter agreements to help the owner keep their horse. Helping out here at the rescue and a work for board arrangement, keeps the horse safe and the owner engaged. How does it work?  The owner contacts us and we find out what happened, the current situation and how long it is expected to last. If we come to an agreement with the owner, we will accept the horse. Requirements:
  • All horses must be mares or geldings.  NO STALLIONS.  Must have a current Coggins.
  • The owner must pay for hay.  We feed Alfalfa and it is purchased in Van Horn.  Small bales are $12.00 each. We estimate one horse will eat approximately 2 bales a week. Amount of feed needed depends on the condition of the horse. We do not accept substitute hay or hay from any other location. If the horse requires special feed, the owner will be accountable for those costs.
  • If the owner can not pay for the hay or feed, we expect the owner to help by working at the rescue to pay for the board.  Rescue work includes cleaning the pasture and water troughs, fixing pens, working on building projects and other misc. work as needed.
  • If the owner is working at the rescue to pay for board, the owner will be credited for work done at an equivalent rate of $10.00 per hour worked.  All work credits will be applied to hay or feed costs.  The owner receives no pay.
We require a contract be signed between Richardson Equine Rescue and the owner.  All horses that have been boarded under the Help for Hard Times Program, remain the responsibility of the owner. In the event the owner neglects their responsibility to provide feed or work for a period of 60 days,  the horses will be deemed abandoned and therefore a rescue horse and can be adopted to an approved new owner. We are excited about providing this program as a short term solution to a difficult situation. Keeping horses and their owners together is one way we can prevent horses from being sent to slaughter.    

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