Horses Needing Help

In South Dakota there are 650 horses at risk of going to slaughter because the people who ran the nonprofit rescue ran out of money to feed the horses.  The courts have stepped in and taken control of the rescue (which crosses two counties) and will have a vet evaluate the horses.  The poor ones, that will not make it through the South Dakota winter, will be euthanized.  Sick horses will be treated and returned to the heard to join the healthy horses.  This is a crisis. It is estimated the cost to feed hay to these horse is $10,000 per week! I can certainly understand how a rescue can grow to 650 animals.  The horses lived on hundreds of acres of land and ultimately over grazed it, killing the grass, forcing the need to provide hay. I don’t know where all the horses came from. No information has been released on how many of the horses were born there, which may account for the high number of horses. We have seen here how prolific horses can be. Five years ago, the neighbor’s stallion sired two foals by breeding through the fence. To stop the breeding, we purchased the stallion and had him gelded. Still we went from two horses to five horses. This was quite an awakening. I have been contacted to see if we could take on some of these horses.  As much as I would like to, that would mean my hay budget would need to increase or stretch to accommodate more mouths to feed. Financially I do not see how we can do that.  We have a responsibility to the horses and donkeys that live here and depend on us for food and medical care.  This is the plight of many horse rescues.  There are too many horses needing help and not enough money to go around.  I have shared only one story, right now there are many more.  For example, there are 750 horses at Ft. Polk Louisiana.  The Army wants them removed from the forest because they interfere with their ‘war games’.  So where are these horses going to go?  I don’t know. 

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