Our Beginning

How did a couple of retired people create a horse rescue?  To answer the question I must go back to 2009 when we moved from the east coast to far west Texas. Our retirement plans were to start a cattle ranch.  We bought a little heard and after a couple of years we were struggling with high feed costs and the loss of one of our best cows. We made a decision to sell the cattle and cut our losses. We kept our two horses and slowly found ourselves acquiring more horses.  We had discovered a hidden need in this area for a horse sanctuary and rescue. We made a decision to create a ranch that would love and protect horses while giving them the best care possible.  Soon two horses became five horses, as our little herd began to grow. We knew we would need help with a horse rescue.  So, we decided to incorporate as a non profit corporation, with high hopes we would be able to secure funding and other support. It has been a very difficult path. Cost and availability of feed has been a constant challenge, veterinary costs seem to get larger due to the size of the animal and finding a farrier was for awhile, impossible. Our biggest need has been and always will be hay.  In order to manage hay costs, we must keep the number of horses within our hay budget. This limits our size and prevents us from saving more horses. A big part of my rescue work is asking for money, because it is so important. I take advantage of all the available help I can find, including applying for grants, selling horse crafts, watching for reduced horse feed coupons.  We don't have a wealthy sponsor. We have no paid employees. Literally 100% of all money that comes into the rescue is spent on care for the horses.  Not many horse rescues can make that statement. Please find it in your heart to donate to our effort to make a difference in the lives of horses. Richardson Equine Rescue is a labor of love. Please contact us.         We would to hear from you!


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