They were found at a kill pen near Dallas TX.  Three mini donkeys (Dot, Darla and Dolly) were bound for slaughter.  They were sick and scared.  We scraped up enough money to pay for their bond and shipping; the three little ones cost us $1200.  Saving animals is not cheap.

Once they arrived, we had the vet check them out.  They had upper respiratory and intestinal infections.  It was tough to listen to the vet warn me they might not make it.

One year later…


Healthy and happy!


Donk and Girley, Best Friends


Donk, our white donkey had his leg broken in the “sport” of donkey roping.  It was not tended to and healed crooked. We had the vet look at him and we were told it could not be fixed. He gets along ok in the pasture and is one of sanctuary animals.  He will never be hurt again.

Girley is a former BLM donkey. A friend of ours found her at the auction and bought her for us.  Had our friend not been there, she would have gone to slaughter.  She is Donks best friend.